A young entrepreneur, He started his career at a very younger age. He is one of the founder members of CASHIT. He started his career from the grass root level as without reaching that level it's too difficult to handle the unexpected and challenging situations. Having 15 years experience of mixed experiences with worlds 2 most reliable and trusted companies and achieved several positions and rewards also.
He has a well built vision for the company and sets to evaluate the strategic planning for the company. Always ready to learn the new things by keeping keen eyes over market business strategies running and changing from time to time. A strong leadership quality to inspire and motivate others by nurturing a strong leadership team to drive its execution.
Under his administration, the company is now moving forward to achieve its goal of making further developments under the slogan of "ONE STEP MORE". He believes in long term business strategies and drives systematically planned changes. He comes in with an in-depth understanding of the services market and has experience in services engagement in large enterprises as well as distributors. He says success and failure are similarly liable to teach us where and what mistakes took place, so that we can minimize the risk next time and keep on learning.
Always ready to support the leaders of this industry,so that he/she can achieve the highest level ever expected from this industry. Leaders can believe and have full faith over him as he has gone through the same path you are walking upon. All the support will be provided from time to time to each leader so that all the loopholes can be eradicated from the system.
A complete system oriented business plan with the taste of numerous leaders is introduced by him,which is strategically and mathematically proven in all aspects.

Just say YES to CASHIT and start your journey towards FINANCIAL FREEDOM.
Amit B. Sharma (M.D)